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[spain stock]original xiaomi piston ii earphone headphone headset with remote купить по лучшей цене

Features: The original xiaomi piston earphone, coming with basic edition, is made of metal composite techonology of the diaphragm. With the 3rd generation damping system keeps the sound more clear and balanced. The flat wire design makes it easily storage and durable. Microphone built in of the earphone, makes you conveniently answer phone call while enjoying music. It brings an excellent sound performance to your ears. Specifications: General Specification Brand Xiaomi Model Piston Basic Edition Color Black, Silver, Blue, Purple, Pink Cable Length 1.25mm Wearing Type In-ear Type Product Weight 14g Technical Parameters Conectivity Interface 3.5mm audio jack Rated Power 5mW Jack 3.5mm Impedance 32ohm Frequency Response 20-20000Hz Microphone Support Package Included: 1 x Original Xiaomi Earphone 2 x Pairs of Earphone Plug
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