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BlitzWolf BW-LT5 IP68 Waterproof LED Lamp Light 2600mAh Powerbank Adjustable Brightness Emergency Camping Light Description: With over 36000 hours of light and close to 80% savings in use over traditional incandescent light bulbs, BlitzWolf's BW-LT5 survival flashlight combo can provide you with light when you need it the most. Being to able function as a 2600 mAh power bank, delivering 60 hours of continues illumination in "Low White Light" mode, together with its IP68 water resistance, makes the BW-LT5 the ideal light weight emergency tool, strobe and survival flashlight for hikers, boaters, campers, hunters, whatever your outdoor or indoor activity is. Power Bank: Due to the fact that the BlitzWolf BW-LT5 is equipped with a 2600 mAh Lithium battery, the BW-LT5 can be used as a power bank to charge your mobile device, or any other USB device. Waterproof: IP68 water resistance makes the BlitzWolf BW-LT5 immune to water ingress, so it can be submerged down to 2 meters without comprising its integrity. Long Battery Life: It can squeeze up to 60 hours of continues illumination in "Low White Light" Mode from a 3.7V, 2600mAh internal battery. Drop and Pressure Resistance: Resisting drops from up to three meters and pressures of 72Kg ensure that the BlitzWolf BW-LT5 will survive in the roughest environments. Specifications: Model BW-LT5 Input 5V/1A (max) Output 5V/1.5A (max) wattage 1W(max) Charging port Micro USB Battery Li-on battery 2600mA Lumen 100LM(max) Led Lifetime 36000 hours Net weight 130g Dimension 36 X 143mm (diameter X height) Package Includes: 1 X BlitzWolf BW-LT5 Waterproof LED Lamp 1 X Micro USB Cable 1 X Operation Manual 1 X Lanyards For More Information, you can also visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFOlEVZCyY4

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