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1 2 shank architectural specialty molding router bit set end mill wood cutter carbide woodworking milling cutter set 5pcs купить по лучшей цене

Description: 5pcs Hole Saw Tooth HSS Hole Saw Cutter Drill Bit Set 16/18.5/20/25/30mm (0.63 / 0.73 / 0.78 / 0.98 / 1.18 Inch) Specification: Material: HSS / High Speed Steel Size: 16 / 18.5 / 20 / 25 / 30mm (0.63 / 0.73 / 0.78 / 0.98 / 1.18 Inch) Please work safely. (Protective equipment) Shank Size: approx. 6-8mm About 6mm Cutting Depth Quantity: 5pcs Features: Specially used on metal and steel plate, give fast and easy cutting. They are good tools for you to make fantastic works. Split tip pilot drill prevents damage by gradually guiding cutter to material; no walking. Carbide teeth for fast cutting of clean, round holes. Designed specifically for sheet metal cutting, even stainless steel. Over drill flange built in to prevent penetration beyond the sheet metal. Cuts quick, precise holes in stainless steel, mild steel, iron, copper and brass. Provide 5 kinds of hole saw ,meet your professional need. Note: If you cut the hard material such as steel, ceramic tile etc. you need to use the oil or water to low the temperature, if not, maybe the drill bit will be broken due to high temperature, please understand. Package Included: 1 x Set (5pcs) Hole Saw Cutter Drill Bit More Details:
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