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10 pieces v8s mini gps tracker real time anti lost kids locator tracker with sos button portable alarm gsm gprs tracking device купить по лучшей цене

Video The A9 tracker has a accurate locater, ensuring you can get the exact position of your lost item. With the Telephone function, you are able to call your lost mobile when you need to find its location. A SOS alarm enables you to receive SOS messages in the case of an emergency. Accuracy Location GPS, LBS, Wi-Fi and AGPS multiple modes, you can get an exact position when and where. Telephone Function You can make a phone call when you want to know where they are. SOS Alarm They can press the emergency button to send an SOS message when they are in danger. Long Standby Time 5-7 days standby time, it can save electricity efficiently. Super Small Design Easy to carry and hide, even little baby can wear it easily with strap. Specifications Name Mini GPS Tracker Model A9 GPS Positioning Accuracy 5-10m Wi-Fi Positioning Accuracy15-100m Base Station Positioning Accuracy15-100m Stand-by Time 8 days Working Time 120 hours Positioning Mode GPS+LBS+Wi-Fi+AGPS Modes SOS Panic Button Supported Internal Storage 400M Material IML Battery Specification Lithium-ion Battery Product Weight 22g Product Size 3.8L x 3.8W x 1.2H cm Package Size 6L x 6W x 6H cm Package Contents 1 x Mini GPS Tracker, 1 x Manual
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