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Video Experience the true wonder of traditional Chinese medical science with this Electronic Meridian Energy Pent! Beneficial to your immune system and nervous system Innovative combination of electronic waves shows you real effects of acupuncture, massage, cupping and scraping therapies. Simple operation, easy to carry The digital therapy machine features a button to adjust the stimulation, easy and convenient to use. Without piercing the skin to do acupuncture Automatically search the acupuncture,it will not work if not find the acupuncture and if meridian obstruction Three types of heads for choose and possess three main functions Dome type (superficial therapy) is applicable for health care and facial beautification;  Node type ( Node therapy) is applicable for partial body pains;  Spheroidaltype (Partial therapy) is applicable for quickly alleviating pain. Specifications Voltage DC1.5V (one AA battery, not include) Output 3.7V; 300mA+/-50mA Pulse Frequency 0.01-300Hz Pulse Width100us-320us Maximum Output Extent 500ohm Load Voltage 3.3V Product Dimension 200 x 30mm Product Weight 100g Package Contents 1 x Meridian Energy Pen, 1 x Spheroidal Type Head, 1 x Dome Type Head, 1 x Manual
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