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2016 touch panel bluetooth keyboard case for 8 inch teclast x80 pro tablet pc teclast x80 pro keyboard case cover teclast x80pro купить по лучшей цене

Description: Bluetooth Keyboard Case Cover For Teclast X98/P98 3G/P98 4G//X98 Pro Material: PU Support :Teclast X98 series tablet,P98 3G Octa Core tablet,P98 4G Octa Core tablet and Teclast X98 Pro Not suit for Teclast X98 Air series, Teclast X98 3G and Teclast X98 Plus. Elegant Foldable design case offer strong protection Easy to install or remove without the need of any tool. Can Be folds to stand for hands-free to enjoy video or picture viewing Keep your Tablet PC safe and protected from scratches, shocks, accidental drops and collision Package Included: 1*Bluetooth Keyboard Case Cover
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