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2018 new 10 inch tablet pc octa core 4gb ram 64gb rom dual sim cards 3g wcdma android 7 0 gps tablet pc 10 10 1 gifts купить по лучшей цене

7 Inch 3G excellent Tablet PC with Dual-core CPU GPS Bluetooth and more. Are you looking for a new small Android Tablet In the market? Have a look at our brand new 7 inch 3G tablet PC. Equipped with a Dual-core CPU and Mail-400 MP GPU the 7 inch 3G tablet PC is a small and portable 7 inch tablet PC which can easily be carried with you wherever you go. But on top of being a tablet the 7 inch 3G tablet PC can also be a phone. Insert up to 2 SIM cards in the device for telecommunication features on this tablet. This way you will be able to call text and even surf the internet over the 3G network wherever you are.
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