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23 inch green mahogany ukulele hawaiian guitar uke for beginner adult with bag strap tuner strings picks купить по лучшей цене

This XIAOMI Populele Smart Ukulele is a great practical learning ukulele for beginners. An exciting hybrid of craftsmanship, tech, and fun, Populele will change the way you learn music. The LED light on the fretboard will show the play locations, which makes it easy and simple for the beginners to play a song by just following the light. The APP videos allow the players to learn it gradually, and the games will help enjoy learning fun. Features The world's first smart ukulele, an exciting hybrid of craftsmanship, tech, and fun, and will change the way you learn music. Crafted with high-quality European maple, first-class spruce, and Italian Aquila strings. Video show, live guidance and game mode, different ways to enjoy learning. LED fretboard connects via Bluetooth with the Populele app to show the play locations and exactly how to play a song. Built-in recording enables you to share your songs with friends. Specifically designed for beginners, the sound-responsive technology enables users to get real-time feedback and correction. Easy to take your repertoire to the next level. Specifications Brand XIAOMI Populele Material A++ spruce panel + European maple Fretboard Material ABS Strings Italian Aquila Nylon Strings Battery Built-in 800mAh lithium battery Charging Time about 3 hours Lighting Time about 10 hours Charging Interface Micro USB Size 23 inch Supporting Device Android system 4.3 or above (support Bluetooth 4.0BLE); iOS 8.0 or above, iTouch and above Product Size 58 x 25 x 12cm Package Contents 1 x Ukulele
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