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2pcs high quality fitting for philips vacuum cleaner accessories dust bag non woven bag garbage bag hr8376 8378 купить по лучшей цене

100pcs Non-woven Fabrics Plants Seedling Bags Not need to cut plants root and prune branches and leaves before transplant. It can improve survival rate of plants. Suitable for agriculture and forestry, fruits, vegetable, flowers or etc. Specification: Color: White Size: 8cm(Dia.) 10cm(H) Material: Non-woven fabrics Feature: Degradable material, no environmental pollution It is beneficial to those plants which are easy to transplant. It can be transplant the whole year which is not affected by the season and climate. Higher water permeability to let water and nutrients naturally percolate. Roots can be penetrateed bag which is not need to tear off the it. Easy to absorb moisture and nutrition. Package Include: 100 X Non-woven Fabrics Plant Bags
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