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2pcs set 7 inch hid headlight hi low beam headlamp with cob angel eyes demon eye for jeep wrangler 2007 2015 купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Quantity 2 piece(s) Color Silver Material Aluminum alloy + electroplating cover Type HID Lamp Compatible Car Model The car with H1 / H4 / H7 9005 / 9006 base Output Power 35 W Color Temperature 4300 K Light Color Xenon lamp: White; Small angel lamp: Blue; Large angel lamp: Red Life Span 3000 hour Luminous Flux 2800 LM Socket Type H1 / H7 / H4 9005 / 9006 Input Voltage N/A V Working Voltage N/A V Working Current N/A A Startup Current N/A A Power N/A W Other Features HID BI-Xenon projector system it is a new model auto headlight which combine the oval reflector with convex imaging theory; It can be switched to the Hi or Low beam by the electromagnetic drive; Safe and reliable features novel appearance matching with the exquisite angel eyes decoration and make your headlight more shining cool and safe; HID lamp need connect to stabilizer power: 35W color temperature: 6000K; Luminous flux: 2800lm; Voltage: 12V; Small angel eyes power: 5V voltage: 12V luminous flux: 300lm color BIN: blue; Large angel eyes power: 5W color BIN: red Luminous flux: 300lm power: 12V Packing List 2 x Angel eye lens (20cm-cable) 1 x H4 universal change light cable group (150cm + 30cm) 2 x Angel eyes drives (25cm-cable) 2 x H1 spacers 2 x H4 spacers 2 x H7 spacers 2 x 9006 / 9006 spacers 1 x Chinese / English user manual
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