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4 electrode tens acupuncture electric therapy massageador machine pulse body slimming sculptor massager apparatus body care купить по лучшей цене

8 preprogrammed exercise routines workout anytime anywhere. The surface is sleek fit and wireless. It is suitable for stiff shoulders chronic lower back pain neuralgia rheumatism leg ache and general fatal fatigue gastrological cervical vertebra and neck pain toothache deficiency in energy and menstrual disorder. The wave form and frequency will fluctuate automatically for an even more comfortable massage. - 8 treatment programs for your option - 2 output channels: A & B treats various points of the body - Helps relieving tiredness relaxing muscles improving blood circulation and burning fat - Keeps fit and shapes the body - Package Includes: - 1 x Slimming massager - 4 x Massage pads - 1 x Connecting cable - 1 x English/Chinese user manual
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