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Been invited to a fancy dress party and want to make an entrance that no one will ever forget? You will be the focus if you wear this inflatable ballet dancer costume. This amazing and hilarious inflatable fancy dress is powered by fan. Features Made of waterproof polyester fabric, super lightweight, will not weigh your down. Power by battery operated fan blower, requires 4 x AA batteries(not included) for the fan blower. It inflates super quickly and then packs away easily when you're done horsing around. Perfect for Halloween, carnivals, kids party, festivals, shopping mall opening ceremonies, etc. The fan attaches easily to a belt or trousers. Specifications Material Polyester Suitable For Adult with 1.5-1.9m height Product Weight 600g Package Contents 1 x Ballet Dancer Costume, 1 x Fan Blower, 1 x Battery Box

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