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5206 zz bearing 30 x 62 x 23 8 mm 1 pc axial double row angular contact 5206zz 3206 zz 3056206 ball bearings купить по лучшей цене

Description: 8mm Inner Diameter KFL08 Zinc Alloy Seat Belt Bearing Pillow Block Flange Bearing Specification: Type: Pillow Block Model Number: KFL08 Material: Chrome Steel ,Zinc Alloy Mounting Type: 2-Bolt Flange Bearing Model Number Inner diameter Outer diameter Hole diameter Hole Centers Spacing Length Height: KFL08 8mm/0.31" 27mm/1.06" 5mm/0.20" 36.5mm/1.45" 47mm/1.85" 13mm/0.51" Features: 1) The insert bearings are the deep groove ball bearings with wide inner rings. 2) It inserts in housing work as a unit bearing. 3) The housing is mainly casting or pressed steel. 4) The bearing units are compact in design with perfect sealing devices. 5) They can align with ease during operation and can be conveniently mounted or dismounted. 6) Pillow Block Flange Bearing is widely used in various of machinery, such as machinery and equipment, conveyors, machine manufacturing, ect. 7) What makes these special is you can lock the T8 screw in place while the bearing lets it spin. Great alignment support for the screw as it turns keeping your print head or cutter in perfect alignment while stepping. Note: Please read the instruction to confirm it is the correct size the bearing you are looking for. Package Included: 1x Pillow Block Bearing(Flange) More Details:
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