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This ENLIGHTEN 904 Fire Engine Plastic Building Blocks Toys consists of 364 pieces of plastic blocks which of bright colors, you can teach your kid to piece it together to get a vivid fire engine model. It is easy to play and can help to practice kid's problem-solving skills. As an educational toy, it can be used to impart the common sense of self-protection in a fire. Children also learn to be brave and selfless like the firefighter in the role-playing. Building Blocks Toys Because it is intended for the further development of intelligence, the model consists of 364PCS blocks. Therefore, it is more difficult for kids to assemble. Cool Fire Engine Shape Bright color and vivid fire engine appearance, easy to attract kid's attention. Educational Toy It is useful for both the character-building and the development of a good parent-child relationship. Involving Focus and Aatience It helps to improve kid's hands-on ability and thinking ability. Children need to work slowly and carefully to be successful at creating their designs. Safe, Non-toxic and Eco-friendly Material Made of ABS, the model is harmless to your kid. Additionally, because the holes can only fit in particles that are less than 3mm, your kid's finger will never be clamped Specifications Brand ENLIGHTEN Model 904 Type Fire Engine Plastic Building Blocks Educational toys Function Mental development Material ABS Design Fire engine Blocks Quantity 364pcs Age Group >6 years old Package Method Color box Package Weight 350g Package Size 34.5 x 26 x 5.5 cm
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