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63mm three 3 jaw self centering chuck clamping for mini lathe with two lock rods купить по лучшей цене

Video Are you worried about your phone or other valuable dropping out of your pocket by accident or stolen by thieves? The Pocket Lock for Phone can help. The lock contains two parts: a thin link attached to your phone and a lock clamped to the fabric of your pocket. The lock makes it hard for strangers to steal your phone while letting you unlock your phone with push and at a custom angle set by you. With the Pocket Lock, you will never lose your phone again. Features Mechanism for automatic locking. A clamping mechanism for pocket attachment without damaging the fabric. Neodymium magnet to withstand even the strongest thief. Waterproof, no batteries required, no charging. Mini and sleek, nobody will notice, not even yourself. How to Set up? 1. Install it in your pocket by clamping it to the fabric.2. Slide down your phone into your pocket as usual, the phone will lock to the fabric of your pocket automatically.3. To unlock your phone, you just need to push down your phone with a firm push at a custom angle set by you. Specifications Name Pocket Lock for Phone Type Anti-theft gadget Package Weight 100g Package Size 12 x 5 x 2 cm Package Contents 1 x Pocket Lock
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