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6xnew metal charging phone security stand iphone alarm holder anti theft display device for andriod apple store купить по лучшей цене

This Charging Docking is a delicate and practical charging stand, which is made of delicate bamboo wood. Bamboo wooden stand is a solid build for better stabilization and a natural look for home or office. It has a slot which is designed for the charging line, with USB charging ports and place for display your iPhone or Apple watch. A great place to keep your Apple Watch clean and safe at night while charging, and it holds the iWatch stable and provides comfortable viewing. Helps when you need to charge your apple watch or iPhone, provides you more convenience than ever. Nice and fashion look, really a wonderful charging stand for choice. Feature Bamboo wood material ade of Natural Bamboo, With nature color, sturdy and firm Bamboo Stand gives your office, or house a touch of natural elegance. Phone holder Excellent item for comfortable viewing when sports competition, live broadcast playing. Charge your Apple watch Apple Watch's inductive charger slots comfortably in the dock, simply place on the platform and works as the dock while charging. Optional USB ports It has three USB ports for charging other devices, display your iPhone or other cell phones. Line slot Line slot designed for the charging line. Strip streamlines your cords, making your whole device look even neater and more organized. Charging Compatibility Compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch iWatch (38mm and 42mm sizes) and iPhone 6 6 plus 5S 5C 5 4S 4. Specification Material Bamboo Wood Compatible with iPhone/Apple Watch Dimension 14L x 6W x 5.5H cm Package Size 15L x 7W x 7H cm Weight 150g
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