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89pcs animal diy magnetic building blocks magnetic construction blocks toys for kids 3d magnetic designer educational bricks купить по лучшей цене

The Magnetic Building Blocks is a kind of puzzle toy popular in America and Europe that can comprehensively develop kids' brain. It is composed of various kinds of magnetic geometry pieces, which can be used to create hundreds of forms through vertical lifting, thus comprehensively developing the manipulative ability, imagination, visual perception, arithmetic capability, observational ability and so on of children. Great for Kids' Cognition Ability Each object is vivid and straightforward, with rich colors, so the children can improve the memory for things through playing it by themselves. Beneficial to Children's Creativity Make the children do it by themselves, play along with thinking, and learn more things, thus making them more creative and optimistic. Ideal for the Development of Kids' Imagination Cultivate the children to change plane thinking to spatial thinking, and recognize the three-dimensional structure principle. Imported Premium ABS Material Non- toxic, environment protection and bright in color. Circular Arc Angle Design The Magnetic Building Blocks will not stab your kids while playing. Natural Powerful Magnets Keep long-time magnetic property for durable use. Note The magnetic pieces shall be stacked up in single piece, and if they are stacked up in many pieces, magnetic rejection may occur. Specifications Name 68PCS Magnetic Building Blocks Educational Toys for Kids Type Educational Toys Material Imported ABS Plastic, Magnets Fit for 3 Years Old + Quantity 68PCS a Set Package Weight 1000g Package Size Approx 40 x 30 x 30cm Package Contents 19 x Triangle 13 x Square 4 x Semicircle6 x Wheel Accessories 26 x Alphabet Card 1 x Storage Box 1 x Teaching Book
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