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a brief history of seven killings купить по лучшей цене

Extrajudicial killings are one of the big threats for protecting the Human Rights in Bangladesh. But the Government of Bangladesh does not provide exact information about the extrajudicial killings. All most in every cases government refuge to admit the occurrence of extrajudicial killings. Security forces in Bangladesh committed extrajudicial killings and were responsible for custodial deaths, torture and arbitrary arrest and detention. The failure to investigate fully extrajudicial killings by security forces, including several deaths in custody of alleged criminals detained by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), remained a matter of serious concern. Some members of the security forces acted with impunity. This book recommended some measurement for preventing extra-judicial killings and an adequate system of judicial accountability. It evaluates some law and practice contrary to extra-judicial killings in Bangladesh. It reviews the history and current status of the extra-judicial killings by analysing a wide range of sources, including constitutional and statutory law, public records, available statistical data and media reports.

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