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Cancer is an un-control growth of cells. Cancer cells grow in an abnormal fashion, crowd out the normal cells. Liver is the largest organ inside the body; hepatocellular carcinoma is a cancer arising from liver. Laryngeal cancer affects the larynx, which is often called voice box, common in males. Lung cancer is the deadliest cancer in the world, leading cause of death from cancer in men. Multiple gene mutations are involved in cancer pathology. Type I interferons (IFN?, IFN?, IFN?) are the proteins involved in cell signaling and growth. This study was conducted to determine whether mutation in IFN?1 plays a significant role in liver, larynx and lung cancer. Paraffin embedded tissues of liver, larynx and lung were used for DNA isolation. SSCP technique was used to detect mutation. Only two samples of lung carcinoma shows the mobility shift on SSCP gel. It was observed that people in older age have more chances of cancer. In general population, males are more prone to larynx and lung cancer than female. Significant values were observed (p
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