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aula witch love usb 2 0 wired 1000 1500 2000 2500dpi gaming mouse white red купить по лучшей цене

Keyboard: Comfortable broad hand rest for extended use. Waterproof mute anti-jamming with dual magnetic ring. IR Mouse: With Agilent chip and 4 modes adjustable. The gold plated USB connector resists jamming with magnetic ring. With game and morning mode to choose from. Brand AULA Model SHIHUNZHAN Quantity 1 Color Black Material ABS plastic Key Numbers 104 Connection Method Wired Power Supply USB 2.0 Supports System Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 Other Features Keyboard: More larger drainage hole at back of keyboard is waterproof in an accident more effectively protect keyboard; Excellent ergonomic design and oversized spacebar; Oversized hand rest in line with hand shape light key reduce long-term fatigue; Non-slip design of hexagonal mountain star more convenient; Laser carving characters adjustable cool backlight the first choice fashion; Cooperated with FN key 6 multimedia function keys; Key route: 2.0mm; Key force: 50 +/- 5g; Rated voltage / current: DC 5V / 150mA; Any combination of six key area do not conflict; Mouse: Connector: wired USB 2.0; Transmission system: Super laser; Mouse size:115(L) x 77(W) x 39(H) +/- 5mm; Resolution: 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2000dpi; Button: 7-key; Keys route: 0.8mm; Key force: 70 +/- 0.5g; Key lifetime: 3 million; Rated voltage / current: DC 5V / 100mA Packing List 1 x Keyboard (150cm-cable) 1 x Mouse (150cm-cable) 8 x Key caps 1 x Chinese / English user manual
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