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automatic electric breast pump with milk bottle convenient usb pp bpa free powerful breast pumps baby breast feeding tool r4 купить по лучшей цене

Remove ductal blocked or milk deposition. When the baby start practicing sag of sucking nipple. Baby refused to suck. Low birth weight can't suck. The sick baby sucking power shortage.When mother was ill need to maintain lactation. Because mom work and go out. Mother baby milk bulge with suction is not well. Has the need to direct the milk into the baby's mouth. The baby with congenital abnormalities such as: oral cleft lip and cleft palate. Description: Wipe with a clean cloth and the warm boiling water nipples and prevent mammary gland jam. The inner tube cup directly fixed in the breast part holding the breast closely match with the cups. Then outside tube down gently produce milk after the suction flow into the suction milk in the bottle and then the outer tube of pushing up. Repeat the above action. When the outer tube (breast pump) is full of milk remove the tube cover. Will suck the milk bottle upright on the desktop on the pacifier with lid can be fed directly. Notes: clean it before use the product boil disinfection add clean water for 2-3 minutes after use clean and dry it before next use. Breast milk can directly to straw in absorption the baby can be directly drinkable. This product includes syringe pumps.
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