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automatic straws electric drinking water pump straw group купить по лучшей цене

Usage Use straw to drink directly from water source, no boiling or preparing Advantages Effectively filter out cholera bacteria, salmonella and other harmful bacteria. Effectively reduce the concentration of harmful heavy metal ions in water and organic pollutants. Can instantly purify natural water and other dust water. Lightweight and small, easy to carry and clean Applications Prefect for hiking, fishing, camping, travel, emergency, etc. Specifications Brand Sawyer Product Weight 57g Package Weight 200g Drinking Straw Length 7" Squeeze Pouch Capacity 450ml Package Included 1 x Water Purifier, 1 x 7" Drinking Straw, 1 x 16 oz(450ml) Re-Usable Squeeze Pouch, 1 x Cleaning Plunger Syringe
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