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baby bedding set 5 pcs 100 купить по лучшей цене

Description: 4pcs Bedding Suit Polyester Fibre Star Moon Reactive Printed Bedding Sets Features: 1. Super soft and comfortable, cheap and environmental protection,good warmth retention property innovative design, modelling is lovely, practical, color, style can decorate more. 2. Complicated technology do not fade, not ball, do not contain any chemical composition, effectively prevent bacterial growth 3. Great zipper stealth design, not hurt the skin, will not affect the unity of the whole aesthetic feeling, quilt cover is full of lock technology, prevent the washing become chaos. 4. Pillowcase use wide edge design, full materials, delicate lace processing, design thread adn color are meticulous make people feel vogue and rich administrative levels. Description: 1. Name: Moon Star Bedding Sets 2. Material: Polyester Fibre 3. Design and Colour: A- dark blue+yellow, B - dark blue+white, C - sky blue+pink, D - purple+pink, E - green+light yellow, F - green+purple, G- blue+red, H - red+pink. 4. Flat Sheet: 225x230CM 5. Duvet Covers: 200x230CM 6. Pillowcase: 48x74CM 7. Weight: 1575G Washing Cares: 1. in order to prevent the dyeing, please avoid washing with other dark fabric 2. choose neutral detergent, soaking time shall not exceed 30 minutes 3. washing machine program please select soft washing 4. avoid exposure,please choose dry in the shade 5. avoid rough or acidic, alkaline substances 6. should be washed ironing, dry, fold before the collection 7. store in dry place, avoid to be affected with damp and be affected with damp mildewy 8. place a mat when ironing, to avoid the aurora 9. details please refer to product care label Package Included: 1 x Moon Star Bedding Sets (1xDuvet cover, 1xFlat sheet, 2x Pillow cases) Cotton Moon Star Bedding Sets - A Cotton Moon Star Bedding Sets - B Cotton Moon Star Bedding Sets - C Cotton Moon Star Bedding Sets - D Cotton Moon Star Bedding Sets - E Cotton Moon Star Bedding Sets - F Cotton Moon Star Bedding Sets - G Cotton Moon Star Bedding Sets - H
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