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back support belt lumbar shoulder posture spine correction straighten brace купить по лучшей цене

The magnetic posture support helps correct poor posture. It gently pulls back the shoulders the neck and head are straightened aligning the spine. This helps you to look and walk straighter and taller. Easy to wear its lightweight design enables the wearer to use the support under clothing with no discomfort or visibility. Wear it when walking working or exercising. Adjustable touch close fastening for a comfortable fit. Poor posture can be caused by long periods of inactivity slouching driving and working at your desk. This can make posture worse as the various groups of muscles try to compensate whilst other groups become weak. This can result in permanent visible postural defects and classic pain symptoms. Features: Available height: 130~155cm; Waist circumference: 54~73cm Support straps around the front shoulders to pull them back for correct posture Magnetic back and shoulder Support Comfortable and light to wear underneath clothes Fully adjustable alter it to suit your body shape and size Supporting design helps correct poor posture
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