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Блог велопутешествий - велотуризм, велоновости, веломаршруты, фотоотчеты, велосипед и медицина, помощь в выборе и ремонте Вашего двухколесного друга )


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A detailed video excursion through Moscow, from ancient times to the present day. You will be introduced to the historical parts of Moscow, and learn many interesting facts about monasteries and temples. The film also discusses the era of town planning, and the unique civil engineering design of the city's underground. See a chronicle of parades through Red Square, and travel through the capital at night. This film uses computer graphics that uniquely chronicle the beginning of the twentieth century and the Soviet time.CONTENTS: Part 1. Historical MoscowThe Kremlin: Senate and Sobornaya (Cathedral) Squares, Uspensky (Assumption) and Bla-oveshensky (Annunciation) Cathedrals, Granovitaya Chamber (The Faceted Chamber), Ivan theTerrible's Bell Tower, the Tsar's Bell, the Tsar's Cannon, Armoury Museum. I Square: The Cathedral of the Intercession of the Mother of God at the Moat (St.Vasil's Cathedral), Lobnoye Mesto, The Cathedral of the Mother of God of Kazan, Alexander Gardens.Kitai-Gorod (Chinatown): Nifcolskaya Street, Ilyinka, Gostiny Dvor.Old Moscow. Theatre Square, The Bolshoi and Maly Theatres, Mokhovaya street, Moscow University, Pashkov Palace, Arbat Street, Tverskay Street.Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Novodevichy (New Maiden) Convent, Donskoi MonasteryMoscow Metropolitan (subway), The era of city planning, Red Square ParadeThe capital at nightPart 2. Contemporary Moscow. Moscow, The Moskva River, Luzhniki, The Kremlin, Okhotny RyadThe Old and New Arbat, The main Moscow squares, MonumentsVorobyovy Hills, Moscow UniversityPoklonnaya Hill.
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