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brake caliper brake shoe of cfmoto 650 series nk rear brake caliper combination of parts number is a000 080250 купить по лучшей цене

Video Stay safe and know that your car is in top condition is most important. Ideally, brake fluid should be checked regularly and changed every one to two years. As moisture seeps into the brake system through the brake hoses and seals the brake fluid will become contaminated and the danger of brake failure will increase. This pen-shaped brake fluid tester can easily help determine whether it's time for you to change your brake fluid. Developed for professional use in automotive repair shops and servicing. Brake fluid detection pen is based on the change in conductivity to determine the moisture change brake fluid. It shows clearly the extent of moisture contained by the light-emitting diode. The high moisture content will lead to a lower boiling point, affect braking performance. Accuracy and Science OrientedBrake fluid detection pen is based on the change in conductivity to determine the moisture change of brake fluid. Multiple UtilizationTesting DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5 brake fluid, only takes seconds to know the results. Clear Indication5 LEDs to indicate percentage of water in the brake fluid. Safe and Environmentally FriendlyThe tester will automatically power off after about 15 seconds of inactivity. How to UseUnscrew the brake fluid reservoir, and pull off the cap of the brake fluid tester. Dip the test probes into the brake fluid up to the plastic rim of the device. LED Indicators Green: Battery OK (no water contained in the brake fluid). Yellow: Less than 1% of water content in brake fluid. Yellow/Yellow: Approx. 2% of water content in brake fluid. Yellow/Yellow/Red: Approx. 3% of water content in brake fluid (time to change the brake fluid). Yellow/Yellow/Red/Red: Approx. 4% of water content in brake fluid (change the brake fluid immediately). Specifications Name Car Brake Fluid Tester Type Car Brake Fluid Tester Color Black Size Approx. 15cm/5.9" Power Supply 1 x 1.5V AAA Battery (Battery not Included) Principle According to conductivity changes to determine moisture change in brake fluid, with five different color LED indicator Product Size 15 x 2.3 x 2.0 (cm) Package Weight 100g Package Contents 1 x Car Brake Fluid Tester, 1 x User Manual
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