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brand new japan smc genuine speed controller as2001fm 04 купить по лучшей цене

DYS XM30A mini ESC Electronic Speed Controller For High KV Power Description: Input voltage: 3-6s Lipo BEC: NO Size(mm): 38L*16.5W*6H Type: BLHeli Bootloader & Firmware Weight: 9.26g Built-in capacitor Specially designed for high KV power racing motors. Features: XM series ESC is the upgraded version of the SN series with advanced processor, a basic frequency up to 50MHz, and faster overall processing capacity to better support high KV motors Designed for quick multi-rotor throttle response Twisted pair cable is used to deliver throttle signal, reducing signal crosstalk while further stabilizing copper wire transmission New miniaturization and ultra-low resistance MOSFET, powerful flow resistance, and professional MOS Drive chips improve efficiency Newly designed PCB board improves impact resistance. Sub-miniaturization design reduces weight while still providing a high performance filtering capacitor Refresh rate of throttle signal up to 500Hz, compatible with all modern flight controllers, including the Naze32 Rev6 and SP Racing F3 Ultra-high speed Oneshot125 with 3000Hz refresh rate provides quick, smooth throttle response Fully programmable via USB port, with two-way and 3D modes for high speed racing and acrobatics. Package Included: 1 x ESC
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