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camera lens cleaning air blower brush купить по лучшей цене

Brand: Pisen - Model: Z1304 - Quantity: 1 set - Color: Black + blue - Material: Rubber + PE + cloth - Air-blower: - The body material with high bounce giant tenacity and wear-resistant - Clean dust powerfully with copper jet - Rust protection efficiently with copper jet - The top plastic tube prevents camera lens well from harm - In order to get giant power advanced dustproof design is adopted to the upper air inlet - Application: camera lens keyboard cellphone slit and the nook which is full of dust easily - Cleaning cloth: - Soft and comfortable - Material with micro fiber makes cleaning effectively; Can be used in cellphone screen digital camera screen CRT screen LCD screen PSP screen - Used to clean camera cellphone laptop etc. effectively - Lens paper: - Soft water-absorptive strong dust-removing - Water-absorptive and ductility of cotton paper prevents lens from being scratches in course of cleaning - Better clean effect after blowing off dust on the lens with air blower - Material: Superior cotton paper - Application: Camera lens video camera microscope etc. - Lens pen: - High quality carbon power and natural rubber used to clean dirt on camera lens and protect lens - The cleaning brush is made of wool; It is used to clean camera; Its body of good intension and wearable material - Packing List: - 1 x Lens pen - 1 x Cleaning cloth (18 x 18cm) - 1 x Lens paper (about 40 PCS) - 1 x Air-Blower
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