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cc527 60001 cc527 69002 mainboard main board for hp laserjet p2055 p2055d p2050 2050 2055 2055d printer formatter board купить по лучшей цене

Color Others Brand N/A Model 3D RAMPS 1.4 Quantity 1 Piece Material FR4 English Manual / Spec No Other Features This is a board that's very similar to other Pololu-based electronics implementations including RAMPS but it can support up to 5 steppers (three for X Y Z one for an extruder and one for any other function). You can add as many stepper driver carriers as you need. It is designed to run at higher voltages than 12 Volts This allows you to put 90 Watts out of one MOSFET and run your stepper motors with more torque and higher maximum speeds. Has a IDC header for adding an LCD panel; Has a header for adding an SD card module. Arduino Mega2560 master control board: this is the brain of a 3Dprinter is responsible for the control of the printer to complete a specific action such as print specific files et RAMPS1.4: this is the main control board expansion board it is in order to better connect with other hardware and control have the effect of the bridge. A4988 stepper motor driver board: it is used to connect the stepper motor so as to realize the control of main control threatening the stepper motor XYZ and extruder. Packing List 1 x 3D Printer Ultimaker V1.5.7 Control Board 1 x 2004 LCD control board 1 x F 2560 R3 board 5 x 4988 driver boards 1 x Data cable (52cm) 2 x Connection cable (31cm) 1 x Adapter
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