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cc527 60001 cc527 69002 mainboard main board for hp laserjet p2055 p2055d p2050 2050 2055 2055d printer formatter board купить по лучшей цене

Printer board is a derivative of Teensylu an AT90USB1286 development board originally based on Sanguinololu. The Printer board electronic set eliminate the production and functionality shortcomings of older RepRap electronics sets. Printer board improves upon the previous production-grade electronics set (Gen6) by adding heat bed and SD card support reverting to 1/16 microstepping Allegro stepper drivers and improving connectivity reliability and reducing cost by elimination of the FTDI UART chip. Printer board also has expansion headers supporting I2C SPI UART and ADC pins. All extra I/O ports of the AT90USB have been broken out to headers for prototyping and expansion. The Atmel AT90USB1286 MCU has on-chip USB removing the need for the FTDI UART (USB-to-serial) IC. On-chip USB means dramatically faster firmware upload times and communication. The AT90USB connects at any baud rate regardless of firmware configuration and operates virtually free of serial communication errors/pauses. Note: the bayonet sockets of ATX-4 on this new version is inwards. Features: 1. Atmel AT90USB1286 Microcontroller (or AT90USB1287 drop-in compatible for 20MHz support) - Native USB interface. No FTDI serial-to-USB chip! - 128kb Flash 2. Four integrated Allegro A4982 Stepper Drivers (no Pololus needed) 3. Onboard SD card slot 4. Edge connectors enabling right-angle connections Compared with the previous version the potentiometers on this new printer board have the following improvements: 1. As opposed to 360° the new ones can only be rotated from 0-270° that means you can identify the max and min value. 2. The new ones are fixed closer to the board so as not to be knocked off easily.
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