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Revision with unchanged content. Owing to the leadership roles young people are assuming in this technological age, universities and other institutions of higher learning have intensified the leadership development of their students. However, in spite of the growing need for student leadership development programs, there are inadequate reading materials on the subject. This book seeks to bridge this gap. This book explores the curricula and non curricula programs that institutions of higher learning have established to develop their students' leadership skills and more particularly for African students studying in the United States universities. In addition, this book identifies campus community service activities that students in US universities and colleges are involved in that help to build their leadership abilities. Further, the book analyses the environments within institutions of higher learning that foster better college students' educational outcomes ultimately providing a framework for the development of policies geared toward student leadership development and campus community service. This book is an invaluable resource for college student personnel, policy makers, and faculty interested in college students' leadership development, campus community service, college student development, student affairs, higher education administration, and internationalization of higher education.
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