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cleaner spare parts for xiaomi vacuum 2 roborock 4pcs main brush kits for xiaomi mi robot vacuum with a cleaning tool купить по лучшей цене

The Main Brush of Mi Robot Vacuum uses V-shaped integrated hair brush at 350RPM high-speed rotation. Bipolar cyclone collects the garbage on both sides to the central location, and then the central super-pressure gather all the garbage into the dust box, so as to achieve efficient cleaning purpose. Floating main brush structure, real-time fit the ground The floating main brush system can float up and down according to the family terrain. In close proximity to the ground, yet without loss of suction simultaneously, it sweeps out dust and garbage from the ground gaps, to achieve a deep clean. Flexible structure to prevent ground damage The main body adopts ABS and German Bayer thermoplastic elastomer material for secondary injection molding; the bristles are made from wear-resistant nylon which is so soft as not to scratch the floor with little noise. A special comb included This comb is used to cut off and clean hair tangled in the brush, eliminating your worry about hair cleaning. Replace the main brush regularly It's recommended to replace it once every 6-12 months. Specifications Brand Xiaomi Compatibility Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Package Contents 1 x Mi Robot Vacuum Main Brush, 1 x Special Comb

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