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Please click here to buy the white version. Please click here to buy the OTG cable for Thinkpad 8. Please click here to buy the OTG with Fixed Charger Cable. Description USB OTG Charger HUB with 4 ports for windows tablet PC. size:16mm*19mm*96mm Compatible with most windows tablet pc. OTG and charge at the same time. This HUB has 3 Switch,every Switch fit for different tablet model. Switch 1 can be used for OTG by itself.(Do not use with charger) Please use the tablet original cable for charge. Switch 1 can be used for below models: Acer W4-820 Asus m80ta(charge sign will be disappeared,only remain the electric quantity unchanged.Can not be charged) Asus T100ta(otg+charge, charge sign will be disappeared, but in fact it is charged) Lenovo Miix 2 8 Lenovo Miix 3 10 inch Switch 2 can use for below models: Dell V8P Teclast X98 3G,X98 Air 3G,X98 Air,X98 Air II,X89HD,X80h,X90HD Chuwi VX8 3G(win 8.1 system) Onda V975I,V975W(win 8.1 system) Onda V819I,V819W(win 8.1 system) Onda V891W Livefan F8C Asus Me400c Ramos i8pro Vido W8C Cube iwork7,iwork8 Ployer MOMO8W PIPO W4,W5 Chuwi v10hd ifive MX2 Colorful i818W HP Stream 7 Switch 3 can use for below models: Toshiba WT8 Lenovo thinkpad 8. Please note:Switch 3 can't use for WT8 and Thinkpad 8 at the same time, if your tablet is one of them, please contact us first. Android tablet and phone: This hub also can use for below model(keep swtich 2) Samsung mobile(S3, S4, Note 2 Note 3, GALAXY J, N5100, Tab S - T800) SONY LT18i VIVO xplay3s MOTO XT928 If your tablet can not support OTG+Charge at the same, please press the power key of your tablet and hold at least 10 seconds to power off your tablet,and then restart it and connect the hub again.
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