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cmam heart12 human blood circulatory system education model with 2 parts heart купить по лучшей цене

The human cyclic heart contraction generates pulsatile blood flow and latent vibration. The latent vibration is sinusoidal and central in character, that is, it flows along the middle of the vascular blood vessels and in the process it orients the active particles of the blood and sets them into oscillating motion with a unified frequency. We assume that it is the vibration of the HIV that interferes with the Human latent vibration. In this work, we utilized the known dynamical characteristics of the vibration of HIV and those of Man from a previous study to determine quantitatively the velocity profiles of HIV/AIDS in the human circulating blood system. We also used Fourier transform technique to determine the subsequent behaviour of the velocity of the constituted carrier wave (CCW) as it propagates away from the source which is the human heart. It is shown that the spectrum of the velocity profiles of the CCW become parasitically monochromatic with slow varying frequency beyond 77 months (6 years) and the velocity of the CCW finally fluctuate to zero after about 126 months (10 years).
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