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The 5PCS Fishing Lures Hard Baits Crankbaits Minnow Three Hooks is a kind of artificial fishing bait which is designed to attract fishes' attention, which uses movement, vibration, flash and color to bait fishes. And this fishing lures are equipped with three hooks to catch fish easily when they strike the lure. Features High quality for durable use. High successful rate of fishing, especially great for sea boat fishing. With lifelike 3D Eyes, fresh color-painting and vivid swimbait, very attractive to fishes. Using environmentally-friendly material, reusable and long-term preserved. Steel ball emits noise to attract fishes. Packed in a plastic tackle box, easy to store and transport. Clean and merciful, no need to use small animals as baits. Three hooks design for catching big fishes easily. Specifications Color 5 Colors Length 12.3cm Weight 17g Diving Depth 0.6-1.8m Product Material Plastic Hooks Number 6# Eyes 3D Eyes Paint Green Paint PS Hard Paint Packing OPP Bag
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