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curriculum development for medical education – a six–step approach 2e купить по лучшей цене

Holistic education approach has become a major concern in Malaysian education system. The Malaysian Government realized that high quality human capital should not only equipped with intellectual value but also with ethical and moral values and a strong progressive personality. Therefore, higher education institutions have to play a very significant role in investigate the formula for a holistic approach in education. However, after more than six decades as an independent country, the Malaysian Government has realized that the main problem in education is in inculcating of spiritual values. Moreover, misconceptions of the holistic approach in education as broder sections and devisions has become a major problem. This book presents an alternative approach to conventional practive in education by developing, integrating and evaluating self-development modules for spiritual domain based on Islamic philosophy. The holistic approach education formula which is to render the self-narrowness forces to be under control of the self-enlightening forces has been introduced. Therefore, this book will be usefull for lecturers, students and scholars of education, teacher,trainer and psychologists.

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