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cyan soil bay amber 48 led car truck roof top emergency hazard warning strobe flash light lamp купить по лучшей цене

Brand Jtron Quantity 1 piece(s) Material Glass fiber Color Black + Red Function Strobe brake light / fog light / strobe line Other Features Output Current: 20 ~ 400mA (preferably not more than normal 400mA); Dimensions: 1.4cm long * 0. 9cm width * 0.8cm height; Description: This strobe circuit board can be used without modification function of the LED strobe lights and other LED lighting devices. Burst flash chip with a new generation of high-current control transistor the maximum safe output current is 400mA strobe effect full-chip process design small size super large-capacity capacitor line filter high-grade red FR4 PCB. Note: This board without a constant and can not be directly connected to the LED lamp requires limiting series resistors resistor size by controlling the current size. Strobe Mode: This board is dual-mode burst flash control mode Always one end the other end strobe mode. If used as brake lights for double wire or double contact driving is lit (low light) brake when Strobe (highlighted). With a single burst flash mode strobe terminal directly connected to the power to start (highlighted) strobe. Strobe frequency: 6 times per second fast flash off half a second cycle. Packing List 1 x DIY Strobe Controller
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