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digital meridian pulse tens acupuncture therapy instruments body massager muscle stimulator slimming fat burner 4 electrode pads купить по лучшей цене

Color Silver Quantity 1 Set Material Plastic Other Features 1. Massages the acupuncture points of the body relieves fatigue and improves body function 2. Burn fat local slimming beautifying and relieving cervical vertebra and neck pain 3. Out of 2 channels-A and B can be used to treat various parts of the body simultaneously 4. With 8 massage modes and 4 massage pads 5. The wave form and frequency will fluctuate automatically in 2 computerised programs for a more comfortable massage 6. Large comfortable and oval electrode pads for gentle massage 7. Suitable for stiff shoulders chronic lower back pain neuralgia rheumatism leg ache & general fatigue gastralgia cervical vertebra and neck pain toothache deficiency in energy menstrual disorder 8. Compact and lightweight design allows it to workout anytime anywhere 9. Comes with instruction manual & acupoint location guide 10. Power by 2 x AAA batteries (not included) Packing List 1 x Physiacal therapy machine 4 x Physical therapy electrode pads 1 x Connection cable (1.2m) 1 x English manual
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