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Блог велопутешествий - велотуризм, велоновости, веломаршруты, фотоотчеты, велосипед и медицина, помощь в выборе и ремонте Вашего двухколесного друга )


donerty gillian 1001 things to spot long ago купить по лучшей цене

Characters to spot, puzzles, games, stickers and lots of things to talk about in this bright, busy, look-and-talk book packed with scenes to explore. Whilst exploring the detailed illustrations of various shops, young children will also be honing essential preschool skills.With 200 stickers and lots of activities, this bustling activity book will keep little children entertained for hours as they study the fun details that are packed onto each page.Perfect for sharing, and older children will enjoy doing the puzzles on their own.Other titles in this series include Lots of Things to Spot in the Town, Around the World, At School an On Holiday.

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