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Revision with unchanged content. There is a widespread belief that many of the problems men create and face are linked to the father-son relationship. But is this a valid belief, and how do relationships between fathers and sons generate these problems? Based on extensive observations of how 13 fathers and sons interact in everyday situations within their own homes this book describes how fathers care for their sons, the pattern of power in the relationship and how fathers and sons communicate their love for each other. The book argues that contemporary Pakeha New Zealand fathers wish to be involved fathers and it explores the many obstacles making it difficult for fathers to be involved. It also describes and analyses how greater or lesser involvement by the father influences the relationship between him and his son. In addition to its empirical contents the book attempts to construct an anthropological theory of dyadic, inter­personal relationships. This book is primarily addressed to students and professionals in social anthropology, sociology and psychology. It is also directed towards health professionals, social workers, mothers, fathers and sons.
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