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feita ft8586 feita ft8586 rework desoldering station solder iron with heat hot air gun esd tips bga hot air nozzles купить по лучшей цене

Description : 8018LCD 220V 450 Degree LCD Adjustable Electronic Heat Hot Air Gun IC SMD BGA Desoldering Station with 4 Nozzles Features : Beautiful shape, easy to use and carry, effectly save your space ~ The quality motor and heating elements is imported, can supply natural and gentle wind, heat air uniform distribution. Easy and precisely to adjust the temperature and control the air volume. LCD display hot air temperature, blowing welding convenient. Welding or soldering can be selected according to using the different of nozzle. Suitable for most surface mount soldering and rework, such as : SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc. Specification : Input voltage : 220 - 240V Frequency : 50 - 60Hz Operating Current : 2.5A Power : 450W Plug type: EU plug Working temperature : better not more than 450 otherwise will reduced the service life of the hot air gun. Tips : Before raise the "HEATER" (temperature) it's better to raise the "AIR"(air volume). If you are the 110V voltage using country, please don't frustrate, you can find this Hot Air Gun with 110V US plug in SKU236994. Note on 2015-09-28th: This Hot Air Gun will comes as EU plug now (please Ignore the following pictures which is the two flat - US plug) Package incluedes : 1 x 8018LCD 220V 450W Hot Air Gun (Can find the heating element replacement in SKU242061) 4 x Nozzles 1 x Bracket 1 x User Manual Details pictures :
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