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fl 501 bicycle 3w 2 mode 3 led red light tail lamp red black 2 x aaa купить по лучшей цене

This is a bike laser tail light with wide luminous angle of 260° and brightness up to 100 lumens. It's cool in the dark night even coz it combines double laser beam with 2 optional mode. You'll find it works amazingly in the raining day coz it's waterproof. It works at 7 modes and plays even as safety warning. Strong and durable. So, we wish it adds your sports practicality as well as fashion! Features Brand new in package Bike safety tail light Has 5 very bright blue led lights And 2 super bright lasers 7 light modes Led s : steady/slow flashing/fast flashing Can have just the blue led s on Just the red lasers or both Uses 2 aaa batteries not included You definitely be noticed with this tail light! Specifications General New design, Water Resistant. Input Power 100mW Voltage Input 3V (1.5V x 2) Battery 2 x AAA Battery LED 5 High Light Red Color LED Laser 2 Laser Launcher Mode 7 Flashing Modes For LED, 2 Modes for Laser Visibility 260 degree Wide Switch Location Tail cap Seat Post Can suit for the seat post: 26 - 33mm Working time 9 -36 hours Remark Caution Laser. Weight 90g Package Size 12.5cm x 7cm x 4cm Packing Content: 1 x Laser Tail Light 2 x AAA battery
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