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for samsung np700z5a 700z5b 700z5c laptop keyboard backlit with shell touchpad speaker us english купить по лучшей цене

Video This i8 air mouse keyboard is mini and portable. Comes with three color backlit and touchpad. It is perfect for PC/Android TV box/laptop/large screen TV, MacOS, etc. The three in one design of the I8 enables it to be extremely versatile, it can be used as a keyboard, mouse and touchpad with its unique design. The backlit colours of the I8 keyboard has three different settings such as red, blue and green, or if you prefer a colourless keyboard you can easily turn off the colour settings. Due to its compact size the I8 is extremely portable as it can easily fit into your bag or laptop case. A built-in rechargeable li-ion battery enables it so have an extended battery life and long standby time. 3 in 1 Design92 keys 2.4GHz QWERTY keyboard and mouse and touchpad. Three Colors BacklitYou can set the color in red/blue/green, or just turn it off. Compact SizeMini and small, easy to carry. Built-in Li-ion Battery Rechargeable and long standby time. Big Touchpad Sensitive and features 360-degree flip design. Wide Compatibility perfect for PC/Android TV box/laptop/large screen TV, Google TV Box, Xbox360, PS3, HTPC/IPTV, MacOS, etc. Specifications Modeli8 Operation Frequency 2.4GHz Operating Distance Up to 10 meters Operating Voltage3.3V Operating Current
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