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Language is the medium of instruction through which students gain access to the curriculum, and through which they display their understanding. So, it cannot be separated from what is taught and learned in schools. For this reason, a content teacher who has students in a foreign language medium class has to be equipped with key principles of foreign language learning. However, students’ academic speaking across curriculum problem is generally perceived as problems related to EFL learning. Language classes alone are not adequate to improve students’ academic speaking across curriculum as the meaning of academic language is bound to the language of each content subject. This book, therefore, with qualitative analysis shades some light on problems of high school students’ academic speaking across curriculum in English medium schools from a new perspective - content teachers’ views, and should be especially useful to content and EFL teachers, policy makers, experts, and researchers working in multilingual contexts where medium of instruction shifts from mother tongue to foreign language. It is also useful to anyone interested in academic speaking across curriculum.

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