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The Longman Exam Skills books comprise a major new series developing each of the language skills and preparing students to excel in the Cambridge FCE and CPE examinations. Fully updated for the Revised CPE. New Proficiency Listening & Speaking is designed to develop the listening and speaking skills of students studying at an advanced level of English, especially those preparing for the Revised Cambridge Proficiency. As well as giving students detailed guidance for each task in the new exam, the book includes a wealth of listening material to prepare students for Paper 4, and opportunities for discussion on all the topics in the Speaking paper of the New Proficiency exam. NEW PROFICIENCY: LISTENING AND SPEAKING: STUDENTS' BOOK includes: - Theme-based units organised in distinct listening and speaking sections, which enable students to gradually acquire a global understanding of each topic. - Listening texts based on authentic material, accurately reflecting the content and format of the new exam. - Exam-type questions on the whole range of topics in the new Speaking paper. - Special Info boxes with details on the requirements of the tasks. - Tips on important aspects of each task, and Useful words and phrases that provide language support for Speaking. - A complete Practice Exam for Papers 4 and 5 as they appear in the Revised Proficiency exam. - A Mini-dictionary of key words and expressions in each unit. - The Teacher's Book includes detailed notes, suggested answers and additional background information.

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