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foton lovol tractor parts the left steering knuckle part number ft800a 31 013a купить по лучшей цене

Quantity 1 piece(s) Material Leather fiber Color Grey Compatible Make The car steering wheel with 37~38cm diameter Function Provides better control performance for driving protects and beautifies the steering wheel; Durable breathability and Sweat-absorbent; Great for hand sewing the steering wheel column sleeve yourself; DIY steering wheel cover provides comfortable grip and feeling; Wrap it around the steering wheel sew it up with the attached needle and thread; Designed with tiny holes on its surface soft anti-slip lining underneath; Offers great protection while creating wonderful enjoyment of DIY work Other Features Hold the cover with one hand and work it around the top of the wheel a little bit at a time switching sides every few inches. Continue pushing the cover over the steering wheel until the top half is complete; Carefully proceed to wrap the cover around the bottom half of the wheel. Keep one hand on the finished portion to prevent it from slipping off as the cover continues to get more difficult to wrap around the last part of the steering wheel; Once you have the majority of the steering wheel cover wrapped you will need to use some force to stretch the last portion of the cover over the wheel. Be careful not to accidentally pull the rest of the cover off during this part of the process. Secure the top half of the cover with one hand and pull down with the other as far as you can until you are able to slip it over the steering wheel; Use both hands to work the cover on the steering wheel so that it appears even and symmetrical Packing List 1 x Steering wheel sleeve 1 x Wire 1 x Needle
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