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Glider Rubber Band Elastic Powered Flying Plane Airplane Fun Model Kids Toy Description: Material: Foam, Rubber, Plastic and Wood Wingspan Length: Approx. 50cm/ 19.69" Fuselage Length: Approx. 43cm/ 16.93" Features: Let the flying fun commence with this incredibly detailed Rubber Band Plane, which is easy to assemble, with a mighty wingspan of 50cm and can fly for up to a minute at a time Modeled on a Bi-plane, simply slot your parts together and then wind up the rubber band using the planes propeller, then launch into the skies and watch it glide Great flying performance, one minute flying time Experience hands-on science, learn Aeronautics, enjoy the 60-Sec glide Rubber band powered plane, excellent flying performance Easy to assemble, simply slot together, no glue or tools required Warn: NOT suitable for child under 3 years old Package Included: 1 x Rubber Band Powered Plane Airplane Model Set
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