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funlight 1 pair 7 inch black round 36w led headlights with high low beam for jeep wrangler jk tj hummer h1 купить по лучшей цене

This LED bulb offers outstanding lighting performance, a much longer lifespan, and high speed cooling, more secure and more efficient. It can look much further than ordinary headlights, and turn your ordinary-looking vehicle into a jaw-dropping light display. Brightest Light Can produce brighter, more concentrated light, allows you to see and be seen from a greater distance in all weather conditions. And the light will not hurt other drivers' eyes when passing or crossing them. High Speed Cooling Fan System Low energy consumption, low heat, reduce wear and prevent melt due to heat. Quick Start Zero warm-up time, reach full brightness immediately. Heat-electric Separated Technology Use less energy than traditional bulbs with almost no heat. There will be no yellowing, hazing, or micro-cracking on your plastic lens due to high heat exposure. Long Lifetime Up to 60,000 hours of lifetime. Easy to Install Plug and play. Specifications Power 72W/set (36W/each bulb) Lumen 7600lm/set (3800lm/each bulb) LED Chip Brand COB LED Quantity 2pcs (each bulb has 2 LEDs) Power Input DC 8V-48V vehicles Cooling Belt Material Copper Socket H1/H4/H7/H11/9005/9006 Lifespan > 60,000 hours Material Aluminum alloy Package Contents 2 x LED COB Headlights
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