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Coaching with NLP For Dummies takes you through essential NLP coaching techniques and shows you how to get the most out of your coaching work.  Whether you want to become an NLP coach from scratch or incorporate NLP skills into your existing coaching or managing roles, this book shows how to coach people in any personal or professional field.  Using the key elements of NLP - rapport building, communication skills and mirroring techniques - you will discover how to establish goals and values, lead coaching sessions, ask the right questions and lay the groundwork for change.  This essential guide also features handy one-stop resources, including recommended courses and qualifications around the globe and sample coaching scripts. Coaching with NLP For Dummies: Shows you how to develop successful coaching relationships Covers information on identifying goals and setting a clear agenda for change Uncovers the most effective ways for coaches to tune into the values and passions of their clients Includes advice on the best ways to coach people through life's dramas, disappointments and dilemmas Features handy tips on the coaching traps to avoid and the best ways to enhance your coaching skills   Part I Where Coaching and NLP Meet Chapter 1: What is NLP Coaching? Chapter 2: Laying Foundations for Success Chapter 3: Going for Quick Win Sessions   Part II Creating an Inviting Coaching Space Chapter 4: Developing the Coaching Relationship Chapter 5:Shaping the Agenda for Change Chapter 6: Getting Greater Clarity Chapter 7: Making Goals Come Alive Part III  Deepening the Awareness Chapter 8: Tuning into Values Chapter 9: Tapping into Passion and Purpose to Guide direction Chapter 10: Shedding Light on Patterns Chapter 11: Unpacking Strategies Part IV Shifting Through Drama, Decisions and Dilemmas Chapter 12: Developing Powerful Relationships Chapter 13: Accepting Life's  Disappointments Chapter 14: Coaching Through Conflict Chapter 15: Smoothing Career Peaks and Troughs Chapter 16: Turning Time to an Advantage Chapter 17:Switching the Experience  Chapter 18: Managing Emotional States Chapter 19: Reaching the Parts that Don't Connect Part V Part of Tens 30 pages Chapter 20: Ten Questions to Ask when Hiring a Coach Chapter 21: Ten Powerful Coaching Questions Chapter 22: Ten Traps to Avoid in Coaching Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Coach Yourself or Your Team Chapter 24:  Ten ways to Enhance Your Coaching Skills  Appendix
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