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genuine new lower cover bottom case laptop replace base shell black 13nb0au3am0501 for asus ux501vw ux501jw n501vw n501j купить по лучшей цене

Keep your laptop on top of its game! Find out how to care for your laptop, what can go wrong, and what you can fix A laptop is much more than a PC that shrank. It has unique needs, and this book shows you how to meet them. You'll discover how to diagnose and fix common problems, replace parts, add external upgrades, and develop workarounds. You'll even get the lowdown on networks, and find out when to repair and when to replace your laptop. Discover how to * Treat your laptop properly * Identify common problems * Know when repair may not make economic sense * Install a new operating system * Troubleshoot CD and DVD drives * Add cool peripherals
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