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Блог велопутешествий - велотуризм, велоновости, веломаршруты, фотоотчеты, велосипед и медицина, помощь в выборе и ремонте Вашего двухколесного друга )


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This collection of 30 wonderful performances by the King of Rock 'n' Roll showcases 21 of his #1 US and UK hits and 9 other classics. Culled from his TV guest appearances, movies, concert films and television specials - from 1956, the year his star ascended, to the 1970s when he reached the pinnacle of his career - this is Elvis at his best. See Elvis perform "Heartbreak Hotel," his first gold record award winner, shortly after the single's release. Marvel at his Ed Sullivan Show performances of "Hound Dog" and (from the waist up only) "Don't Be Cruel." See the matinee idol croon one of his greatest love ballads, "Can't Help Falling in Love," and sing and dance in one of rock music's all-time greatest production numbers, "Jailhouse Rock." Experience Elvis in Las Vegas with an energetic delivery of "Suspicious Minds" and in Hawaii performing a version of "Burning Love" for a global television audience and many more from film and TV. Tracklist: 01. Heartbreak Hotel 02. Blue Suede Shoes 03. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 04. Don't Be Cruel 05. Love Me Tender 06. Hound Dog 07. Love Me 08. Too Much 09. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 10. Jailhouse Rock 11. Treat Me Nice 12. Trouble 13. Stuck On You 14. Wooden Heart 15. Can't Help Falling In Love 16. Rock-A-Hula Baby 17. Return To Sender 18. Bossa Nova Baby 19. That's All Right 20. All Shook Up 21. One Night 22. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 23. If I Can Dream 24. In The Ghetto 25. Suspicious Minds 26. Don't Cry Daddy 27. The Wonder Of You 28. Big Hunk 'O Love 29. Burning Love 30. An American Trilogy

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